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Why Solopreneurs Can't Go It Alone

Why Solopreneurs Can’t Go It Alone

It takes people to create a village.

It takes villages to create towns.

It takes towns to create states.

It takes states to build countries.


It Takes Many People To Build a Successful Business

Nowhere in life can people create significant impacts by themselves. It takes a team and that  includes successful solopreneurs. No business stands alone. Single-owner businesses succeed by surrounding themselves with the right people.

Who Should You Ask For Help?

Many times I meet newly launched business owners asking for guidance. They often tell me, “I’m networking and talking to everybody to learn as much as I can about business.” But who do you listen to and why follow their advice? Most people are decent and want to help but do all the people you talk to offer the right advice?

When anybody offers business advice, ask them, “Why are you providing me this information?” Many people think they have sound ideas but they may be ideas that have never been tested or proven.  

Be Careful Not To Chase Unproven Ideas

There are many business quotes being promoted in social media. However, the best quote is: “If you try and please everybody, your business will fail.” Solopreneurs should research any and all advisors offering them help. The best advisors are those that have actually walked in your shoes. Follow those who did it before you. They know the road to success. Ask them, “Where have you done this before.”

Skillsets Solopreneurs Need To Surround Themselves With

There are many stages and levels of business. From strategy, marketing, sales techniques, financial management, and customer relations. Solopreneurs perform all functions of a business. To be successful, they should contract or use outside services that provide the various talents required to manage a successful business. This may include legal, banking, or lead generation. Whatever skill that is needed, business owners must validate the strengths of these mentors.

It Takes A Team

Statistics prove that only 15% of all new businesses launched in the United States reach five years in business. 85% will fail. Why is that? There are many reasons captured why businesses fail including not enough capital or selling products or services for an unwanted market.

As a comparison, 60% of all climbers who attempt to trek to the top of Mt Everest, the world’s tallest and one of the most difficult climbs to achieve, reach its peak. Why is this? Because they surround themselves with the most talented team of guides. Those that have reached the top of Everest several times.

To climb to the top of business success, owners must surround themselves with the best team of guides. Those that have climbed to the top of business success before them, not only once, but many times.

Key Lessons Learned:

  • Know that it takes a team for a business to succeed.  
  • Validate the background of all advisors.
  • Know if the selected mentors and advisors have succeeded more than once.

Written by Darlene M. Ziebell

Darlene brings extensive knowledge in business consulting and entrepreneurship. She bases her methods on a unique blend of effective enterprise strategies and the battle scars she acquired in four businesses, including startups, ESOP, acquisitions, partnerships, bankruptcies, and lawsuits. Her management consulting firm grew sales by over $40M advising more than 20% of the Fortune 1000. In addition, she mentors business owners, guiding them on successful growth strategies through her customized business methodologies. Nothing beats her experience.







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