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Webinars - Open for Registration

Below is a list of upcoming free online webinars held via zoom. Please register to attend live and receive a recording of the event. All of these complimentary events. Click on the title of your choice to register.

If you cannot attend live, you will receive a link to the recording and a copy of all the slides used in the presentation.

  • A Dozen Avalanches Threaten Small Business. Which one will bury you alive? Learn the real stories I experienced that are the basis for my book.

Live Workshops 


  • June 6, 2023 - 8:30 AM Phoenix, Arizona "Women in Business" Set your goals, market online, and increase your sales. 
  • July 13, 2023 - 11:30 AM Mesa, Arizona "Topic to be determined."
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Online Webinars - Mark Your Calendar

Below is an upcoming list of online free live webinars. Mark your calendar now. Subscribe below to receive updates as registrations open. All of these events are sponsored by SCORE.  Come back to this page. I will provide the links when webinars are open for registration. 

  • Help! My Marketing Plan is Sick.  My most popular webinar is back. Learn how to create a marketing plan that brings in sales. 
    • July 12, 2023, Online 3 PM Arizona
  • Preservation and Exit Strategies - Learn why you need an exit plan early in your business planning. 
    • August 16, 2023, Online 3 PM Arizona
  • Business Mgt 101 - What to do before you hire your first employee. A new webinar I created to help you manage your business to success. 
    • September 20, 2023, Online 3 PM Arizona
  • How I Start a Business.  There are so many different business planning tools. I created my own based on my 4 successful launches. 
    • October 18, 2023, Online 3 PM Arizona
  • Measuring for Performance. Learn what are the key performance indicators all business owners need for measuring success. 
    • November 8, 2023, Online 3 PM Arizona
  • Women Take Back Your Power. The first time presented to Score, women learn how and when to say 'no' to succeed. 
    • December 13, 2023, Online 3 PM Arizona
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All The Tools You Need To Build A Foundation For A Successful Business

This online workshop provides you with the details Darlene uses in her workshops to build a foundation for growing a successful business. This is a pre-recorded webinar. Click on the image to purchase today and watch these six lectures at your convenience. 

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SCORE is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and a resource partner of the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA). Thanks to this generous support from the SBA and because of the selfless contributions of our more than 10,000 dedicated volunteers, we can deliver most of our offerings at no cost.

Darlene is proud to present her webinars and articles to SCORE entrepreneurs. 

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