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A successful small business doesn’t happen overnight. Get simple steps in each of my guest podcast shows to guide your path to success. 

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Helping WBEs Avoid Pitfalls

Women-owned firms made up only 19.9% of all firms that employed people in the United States in 2018 but their numbers are growing. There were 6,861 more women business owners in 2018 than in 2017, up 0.6% to 1.1 million, according to the Census Bureau’s Annual Business Survey (ABS). Join your fellow women business owners and learn how to become a success. The odds are against women succeeding in business. Learn tips from those who did it before you. 


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Where is Your Business Flying To? 

You do not want to miss this show with Darlene Ziebell; it was so full of great advice for business owners, that even the Tycoons were taking notes! Darlene’s advice is simple: ask questions and listen. Do your market research and don’t believe everything you read online. Go out and ask strangers to understand the market. A few other tips that she believes in are investing in a good mentor and surrounding yourself with a group of professional advisors.


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Business Growth 

Business growth expert Darlene Ziebell discusses with CapitalFit the key traits of the top 1% of successful entrepreneurs and how you can reach 8 figures in business too.   
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Turn Around a Failing Business

Hey there, fellow entrepreneurs, we’ve just wrapped up an incredibly insightful session with business turnaround strategist Darlene Ziebell on our podcast, Looking Forward Our Way.

If you’re grappling with a struggling business, Darlene’s expertise is a gold mine.

We drilled down on the necessity of knowing when to pivot or cut your losses, the vitality of keeping your financial house in order, and why putting your money into non-sales generating areas can sink your ship faster than you think.

We also unpacked real-world strategies for outmaneuvering competition, and the staggering importance of surrounding yourself with the right team of experts—because remember, even the most seasoned CEOs can’t go it alone.

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Darlene's Biz Talk

Discover invaluable insights and gain a competitive edge in the business world by tuning into "Darlene's Biz Talk," the ultimate podcast on all things business. With a wealth of experience as a former Fortune 1000 advisor, accomplished business owner, and skilled management consultant, Darlene offers a perspective that stands out from the rest. Unlike many, she didn't just learn business theory – she mastered it from the ground up, gaining practical, real-world knowledge that's both rare and priceless. Whether you're an aspiring entrepreneur or a seasoned business owner, Darlene's unique blend of hands-on experience and in-depth expertise will provide you with actionable strategies, innovative solutions, and a deeper understanding of the intricate workings of the business landscape. Tune in to "Darlene's Biz Talk" and unlock the insights you need to elevate your business journey. Your success story starts here.

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25+ Year Business Veteran

Learn techniques on how an 25+ year entertainment company, managed by Mark Seven, not only survived the pandemic, but grew more than 280% when it's competitors were failing. 

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Saturated Markets

Learn how Candace Anderson grew her business in a difficult saturated market. Learn how she expanded and built more locations. Join fellow entrepreneurs and learn from successful people today. You won't be sorry. 

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