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Spirituality and Business

Spirituality and Business

How does a business owner think positively in an environment with financial downturns? There is an easy answer. However, this answer does not come with an easy process to achieve a solution.

After spending several years studying metaphysical science, I believe Spirituality & Business can prepare someone for success in any business climate.   I define spirituality as the practice of conscious positive thinking to prepare the subconscious mind for successful manifestation.

To accomplish this, for the past 30 years I studied how the mind works. The human mind is divided into two parts, the conscious and the subconscious. The conscious mind performs reasoning and decision-making functions.  The subconscious mind takes all thoughts from the conscious mind, both positive and negative, and turns them into reality.

With the conscious mind, one experiences all five physical senses and chooses words, actions, reasoning, and selects thoughts for decision making. Humans focus and use the conscious mind while awake. The conscious mind rests when we are asleep.

The subconscious mind handles all human bodily functions like blood pumping through the heart, lungs breathing air, digestive systems processing food, and other bodily healing processes. These functions perform automatically without the human conscious mind thinking about them. Unlike the conscious mind, it never sleeps.  It acts as the body’s computer processing system.  It takes all conscious thoughts and spoken words as true and does not reason. It stores memories, reacts to the conscious mind giving the body emotions, and manifests belief systems into reality.  It has the power to talk to one’s God.

Since the subconscious mind does not have the ability to reason, it manifests into reality all thoughts, both negative and positive. Many people wonder why their prayers and desires continue to result in negative and unwanted physical manifestations. It’s because their conscious mind continued to give their subconscious mind negative thoughts.  These thoughts were created by human consciousness using negative words and since the subconscious accepts all thoughts as truth, it manifested these thoughts by giving the human more negative experiences.

When I worked as a computer science business analyst, we used a phrase for those situations where a company’s computer system failed to produce expected results.  We called it,  “Garbage In, Garbage Out.”  A computer only processes what it is given.  The subconscious mind acts like a computer and only processes what it is given. The subconscious mind reacts to, “Negative thoughts in, Negative reality out.”

While in India studying at the Oneness University, I wanted to learn how to create the physical reality of my dreams for a new business. I was told I had to first work on my “Inside Self,” my subconscious mind. To do this, I had to use my “Outside Self,” conscious mind carefully.

For example, when business owners say things to me like: “I can’t get more customers,” “I can’t get loans,” or “I’m struggling to survive” the process of their conscious mind “telling” me also tells their subconscious mind, “Yep this is true and this is my desire.”   Their subconscious mind obliges to their request and provides them with more of what they do not want because their subconscious mind complies like a computer.  “What goes in, comes out.”

The same is true if the business owner discusses their competitor’s challenges.  They tell me, “My competitor just closed, they can’t make money and the economy is failing all around.”  As they tell this to me, they also tell their own subconscious, “Yep, my economy is failing, I may have to close and I can’t make money.”  Once again because the subconscious has no reasoning power, just like a computer, it gives the owner what it asked for, “Business Failure.”

Even when business owners watch the news listening to a story of economic failure, their subconscious mind is obliging to their request.  While watching or talking about negative business news, unless the human has a strong belief system of business success, their subconscious mind will once again respond with business failure.

How do you know if you have a strong belief system for business success? Just look around you. Did the universe give you the reality you dreamed of? If not, as my guru (India Guide) would say, “You have to work on your inside self.”

One step to improve your subconscious mind is to consciously use the most positive words and phrases, both in the spoken word and internal thoughts.  The author of Conscious Language, Robert Tennyson Stevens, explains this in detail. Instead of saying “I want a successful business,” say, “I have or I desire a successful business.”  Why? Because the subconscious mind will continue to give you the reality of always “Wanting.”

Another step is to test how you react to a situation.  If business owners panic when challenging business problems occur, their subconscious minds will continue to offer more panicking situations.  How does your body feel when you read about business economic disasters? Do you have the feeling of a pit in your stomach?  That’s the subconscious mind responding to your request. The vicious cycle continues.

Criticizing another’s business success is a sign of envy. Those who continue to consciously criticize others gain their subconscious mind is ready to comply and respond with more opportunities to criticize.

How does one reprogram their subconscious computer? By continuously becoming aware of every thought or word said. It’s a daunting process, but with time, a negative reality will improve into a positive reality as the new data is embedded into your subconscious mind.  

The best time to begin reprogramming a human-computer is early morning or just before bedtime. During the night, the conscious mind is sleeping while the subconscious mind is working on the positive phrases it just heard.  In early morning hours, upon rising, the conscious mind is still quiet. Remember, the subconscious mind never sleeps and it takes in all data it hears.

Positive thinking people ask why I titled my new book with a negative-sounding theme, “A Dozen Avalanches Threaten Small Business?”  I outline twelve areas of potential business failures not talked about or written in any books.  Understanding that these challenges can occur, I tell my subconscious mind, “I am prepared to turn around all problems into business success.”  Understanding these situations when they’re not a problem, makes it easier for the subconscious minds of business owners to react to them without panic if they do occur.

Preparing for Avalanches of Destruction in advance prepares the business owner for Avalanches of Abundance later.



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