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A goal without a plan is just a wish. Join your fellow BUSINESS OWNERS now and allow me to guide you to build a sustainable business. 



LEADERSHIP development services through assessment, building vision, and strategy. 


Build EFFECTIVE goal planning and implementable strategic planning for building company value.


ACCELERATE your business to the NEXT LEVEL with proven process improvement techniques. 


you can DEVELOP effective operational strategies with minimal financial risk - build on your current success

Consultant vs. Coach

A business COACH works with you to develop the skills you already have. They bring out the best in you.  

A business CONSULTANT is an expert ADVISOR you turn to for help with your business.  They teach you skills you don’t know.  They are well versed in business strategy which they use to help you gauge the direction and scalability of your current business. They analyze the goals you have for your business and help you create a plan of action required to actually accomplish those goals and reach the NEXT LEVEL!

Advisory Services

About Darlene 

Darlene Ziebell, a prominent entrepreneur, author, and business consultant, is excited to advise business owners on navigating the world of business. She launched several initiatives to help entrepreneurs prepare for and overcome challenges they may face in managing their own companies.

Her specialty is building business strategies to help get them to the NEXT LEVEL.  A former CEO, Director, and management consultant, Darlene bases her methods on lessons learned from her own businesses and advising hundreds of consulting clients.  

Together with her private consulting practice, her initiatives include books, webinars, podcasts, and high-level business workshops. In addition to her MBA from Kellogg, School of Management at Northwestern University, her extensive career consists of the practical experience of bootstrapping four startup launches and advising the Fortune 1000 as a management consultant.

Business Acceleration Programs . . . 


Strategic Evaluation

Where is your business today? Do you know where your business should be within one year? Build a blueprint to follow for success. 

Marketing Strategy

Aligning marketing goals with a long-term strategy with a robust marketing funnel is key to long-term business success. Is your marketing strategy in alignment with your goals? 

Business Operations

Are your current operations in alignment with your short and long-term business goals? Is your current business structure preventing your business from reaching the next level? 

Exit Strategy

Are you planning to exit your business in the future? Knowing when to exit is equally essential as learning how to expand and build a business. Increase your business value before you exit. 

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LET me show you the way

I give it to you straight

No white-washing ... I'M WITH YOU

I've done it for myself and many times FOR OTHERS

allow me to ENCOURAGE you to get to the next level

I can ANSWER your questions on how to make it happen in twelve months

I'm skilled in building business startups through exit strategies

I've been there DONE that 

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Become the LEADING CEO in your business

you'll grow your business to the next level using the LESSONS I learned throughout my successful entrepreneurial career

Allow me to show you how to get to the next level by ENHANCING what you have already succeeded in your current business

build your business to ROCK SOLID levels by ACCELERATING your marketing today

you can DO IT NOW with minimal financial risk. you set the LEVEL you want

as your trusted ADVISOR, I know the ROUTE TO SUCCESS; I've been DOWN THAT ROAD

I may not be the TRUSTED ADVISOR for all business owners, but I am here for those who want to build on what they have already achieved and reach a


Advisory Services

Others Work With Me . . . Here's Why You Should Too

  • I've launched my own BUSINESSES reaching 7 or 8 figure LEVELS
  • My consulting business sold over $40 MILLION over its life
  • I reached the TOP 3% of WBEs four times
  • I'm a MEMBER of the 9% CLUB of CEOs reaching 7 FIGURES
  • I call more than 20% of the FORTUNE 1000 my clients
  • I've been in your shoes!  
  • Yes, I can teach you the techniques I learned to make more businesses successful than any of my competitors.
What Level Do You Want Your Business To Reach?

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Here's What BUSINESS OWNERS Are Saying . . . 


Kathy Ameche

"Why didn't I meet you earlier? Darlene has helped me focus on my value proposition, identifying customers and most importantly how to make money. Regardless of the level of business ownership you are at, her no nonsense approach is of great value.

Mark Seven

“Darlene has a remarkable instinct for business strategy of not only knowing WHAT improvements to make, but WHEN and HOW to implement them. In the 20+ years I’ve known her, she has always provided us with useful management advice including accounting methodology, personnel and legal issues, contemporary marketing foresight, even spot-on location suggestions.

Kathryn Weidman, Ph.D.

"Darlene has MUCH to offer small business owners, regardless of whether they are just starting out or have been around for years. She has owned several types of businesses herself and has both broad experience and a unique approach to offer. Moreover, her style is refreshing. She doesn’t waste your time! She zeroes-in on the issues and talks-turkey to help the business owner confront the barriers to greater success.

Former Management Consulting Clients . . . 

As a former management consultant, my consulting firms have an extensive list of clients. 

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Business Acceleration Programs . . . 

  • Strategic Evaluation
  • Marketing Strategy Review
  • Operational Analysis
  • Building Value for an Exit

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