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Did you know that only 15% of Small businesses survive beyond five years?

"My job is to protect your business from the things it can't see coming."


You Learn The Steps I Used to: 

  • Launch 4 startups reaching 7 and 8 figures in less than 24 months.
  • Make it to the top 4% of women-owned businesses.
  • Reach the top 9% of businesses in 7 figures. 
  • Consult with more than 20% of the Fortune 1000.
  • Get to the top 1% of businesses with 8 figures in annual sales.

Yes, It Really Is Possible!

If you are:

  • Struggling to manage your business
  • Facing cash flow issues 
  • Experiencing ineffective marketing plans
  • Trying to hire the right people
  • Not sure how to comply to regulatory requirements
  • Unable to differentiate your business from intense competition
  • Struggling with economic uncertainty
  • Not sure where to go next 

I know exactly what you feel like. I've been there too. I can teach you how I build successful businesses so that you can have success too!

Together we will review your business model and I will advise you on how to adjust your plan to build sustainability for success. 


In A Few Months If You Could…

  • Have a workable business strategy 
  • Be generating more sales to reach your goals
  • Get more sales than you ever dreamed of
  • Blow your competition out of the water
  • Finally feel more secure with your business

The right strategy can make all the difference.


I'm Darlene Ziebell

When I started by first business I realized I was in way over my head. Fortunately, I scraped enough money together to hire the right advisors. I searched for people who did it before me. Not exactly the way I expected to start my entrepreneurial career! But with the right advice and hard work, I made it succeed.

Now I use what I've learned to help people just like you find business success. I’ll show you how to create a more solid strategy and plan what steps you need to follow to reach your goals. 

"Why didn't I meet you earlier? Darlene has helped me focus on my value proposition, identifying customers and most importantly how to make money. Regardless of the level of business ownership, you are at, her no-nonsense approach is of great value."


- Kathy Ameche, CEO Micci Micci

"Darlene brings her vast experience and business knowledge to bear on many different challenges: branding, staffing, technology needs, and financial strategy, just to name a few. She instills confidence because she truly desires success for all her clients."

- Mark Seven, CEO Get Away With Murder, Inc.

"Darlene has MUCH to offer small business owners, regardless of whether they are just starting out or have been around for years. She has owned several types of businesses herself and has both broad experience and a unique approach to offer. Moreover, her style is refreshing. She doesn’t waste your time! She zeroes-in on the issues and talks-turkey to help the business owner confront the barriers to greater success. 

- Katheryn Weidman Ph.D.

All the Help You Need To Run a Successful Business

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Top features

  • Customized CO-CEO Services
  • Contract Terms Designed As Needed
  • Board of Director Advice
  • Expert Business Guidance
  • Dedicated Management Consulting Services
  • Strategic and Operational Direction
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