This new Business Roundtable is launching with a specific focus on how the world of business has immensely changed due to the Covid-19 crisis and strategies business owners should be implementing to regrow their companies. What do we do next?  

"Covid has completely changed the landscape of business in so many ways. This business roundtable will greatly assist entrepreneurs in reinventing themselves post-pandemic."

These Roundtables are designed as a 6-part series. Each month, the Roundtable will focus on different business topics. These Roundtables will foster brainstorming of new ideas with the attendees, and sessions will be limited to 25 entrepreneurs in each group. Each topic in the series will be offered twice in the same month to allow more attendees to register.

Sessions will be held and recorded via Zoom in an interactive and participatory format where new business lessons will be shared.  Each month will focus on a different business topic discussing what changes are required for small and middle-market businesses to survive and thrive while moving on from the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Roundtable topics will include Marketing, Employee Management, Operations, Financial Relationships, Pricing Models, and Exit Strategies. Before each session, registered members can submit a description of their business in advance, and the roundtable will focus on only those industries participating. After each session, members will receive a recording of the session. 

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  • Get your business questions answered
  • Learn from other business owners' experiences
  • Participate in all of the discussion 


  • Receive expert business consulting advice
  • Discussions target industries represented
  • Submit your questions in advance for the custom agenda


  • Meet like-minded entrepreneurs
  • Continue relationships through The Entrepreneur Club
  • Work with other business owners and grow together

Customized To Your Needs . . . 

Roundtables are limited to 25 entrepreneurs. Each registered member will be asked to submit their questions and topics for discussion in advance.  Each roundtable will focus on a different business issue.  The agenda for each session will be based on the businesses, industries, and skill levels of the registered participants. Each month of the 6-part series will focus on a different topic. 

  • April, 2021             Topic:  Marketing Strategies 
  • May, 2021              Topic: Employee Management
  • June, 2021             Topic: Business Operations
  • July, 2021               Topic: Financial Relationship  
  • August 2021          Topic: Pricing Models
  • September 28, 2021  Topic: Exit Strategies  OPEN FOR REGISTRATIONS

Each business roundtable is priced separately. Entrepreneurs can register for those roundtables focusing on topics that meet their immediate needs.  

What To Expect . . .

If you are serious about your business and need direction to survive after the pandemic, these Roundtables are for you.

Each Roundtable will include a custom agenda based on the questions submitted by the registered attendees in advance of the session. 

Depending on the needs of the registrants, the host may invite industry experts to participate as advisors to the group. 

Each session is scheduled for four hours. There will be a break at the two-hour mark.  Sessions will be recorded in Zoom and copies will be available to the attendees.  

Sessions are priced individually. Each topic is scheduled for two sessions. Entrepreneurs can register for the topics of their choice and time and date more convenient for them. 

Business owners will meet like-minded and continue this relationship with a free membership in The Entrepreneur Club. An online community of the seriously successful and driven small business owners.  

Hurry! Register Now.  Space is limited to 25 entrepreneurs in each session. 


Meet Your Host 

Prominent entrepreneur, author, and business consultant, Darlene Ziebell is excited to be hosting the Roundtable workshops to help business owners navigate the new world of business post-Covid-19.  

The Roundtable is one of several initiatives she has already launched to help entrepreneurs be prepared for and overcome challenges they may face in running their business.

Her recent initiatives include a book, webinar, podcast, and high-level business startup workshop.

In addition to her MBA, her extensive career includes the practical experience of personally launching her own startups and advised the Fortune 1000 as a management consultant. 

Kathy Ameche

"Why didn't I meet you earlier? Darlene has helped me focus on my value proposition, identifying customers and most importantly how to make money. Regardless of the level of business ownership you are at, her no nonsense approach is of great value. She has a global connection with owners through her site Center for Women Business Owners."

Newell Anderson

"Darlene is an exceptional businesswoman who has tremendous foresight, credentials and experience. Her work, commitment to excellence, and character make her one of my most valued professionals to work with and I always look for ways to get my network in front of her. She is a good friend and colleague and I strongly recommend Darlene to anyone who demands the top level professionals."

Jonathan Mraunac 

"Our start-up company retained Darlene to provide consulting services related to fundraising, marketing, business-modeling, and web development. She went out of her way to meet at a location most convenient for us and provided several key pieces of useful, professional advice which clearly demonstrated her experience and expertise. I would recommend Darlene to any company in a similar situation."


SEPTEMBER 28, 2021 - Roundtable Conference Topic - EXIT STRATEGIES

The final Roundtable Conference will focus on Exit Strategies. How do you build value in your business now and which EXIT STRATEGY is best suited for your personal needs? 

Space is limited. Register Now!

September 28, 2021 - Exit Strategies

Which Exit Strategy will you choose? ESOP, Merger, Sale, IPO, Partnerships?  Whichever exit you select, build value now.  Join your fellow successful CEOs and learn about Exit Strategies.