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"My job is to protect your business from the things it can't see coming while I help you GROW to the NEXT LEVEL." - Darlene Ziebell

Do you feel stuck? Do you want to feel the freedom that comes with owning a successful business? I was stuck too. I struggled with who to ask for help. Where do you go for help? What is valuable to you? How do you decipher what you need? 

I want to help you become unstuck. I'll guide you using the same techniques I built to make all of my companies successful. Who do you trust to provide you with the most valuable advice? 

Nothing beats my experience when building a strategy that guides your business to the Next Level. I've been at every step you will encounter on your journey to building a successful business. 



There is no need for you to go it alone. My clients often say to me, "I wish I met your first." 

What does it mean to follow a business strategy? 

A business strategy identifies:

  • Where your business is today
  • The levels of success your business strives to achieve
  • How to recover and build damage control
  • A roadmap to follow the steps to the top. 

There is no need for you to struggle when my strategic planning methods will help you navigate the many challenges all businesses face. 


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There are three convenient methods for Darlene to guide you to success. Meet with the leading #1 Business Advisor Today!


If you are facing a business challenge or problem that requires immediate attention, connect with Darlene today. Consider contracting with her for private services where she can act as your CO-CEO in guiding and teaching you how to manage your business to success. You don't have to go it alone. Call for more information.

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In Jump To The Big Leagues, join your fellow entrepreneurs in this online group coaching program where I will show you how to build a business plan that beats your competition. Click below now and get your business 'unstuck.' This list fills up fast. Each group is no more than 20 businesses. One price for your company. 

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In monthly business sessions, join your fellow entrepreneurs by becoming a member of the elite Mastermind group called Brain Trust. As a member, you will meet monthly to learn how to overcome business challenges that are faced when growing to the next level. In this  program build relationships with like-minded people. 

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Let go of everything you learned about business. My competitors talk about how easy it is to grow your business. Facing challenges in the industry is inevitable. Many advisors don't talk about it because it appears too difficult to tackle or they have never faced them personally.

From my personal experiences, I can tell you It gets easier when you look back and discover it wasn't as hard as you thought it would be. Why reinvent the wheel when I can help you identify the gaps in your business before they become problems and slow your business' growth? 

Click below for more information on the variety of topics I present in business. From startup to exits, there is a topic for every phase of business. 

You don't have to go it alone! 



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"Why didn't I meet you earlier? Darlene has helped me focus on my value proposition, identifying customers and most importantly how to make money. Regardless of the level of business ownership you are at, her no nonsense approach is of great value. She has a global connection with owners through her site Center for Women Business Owners."

Kathy Ameche

"Jonathan Mraunac "Our start-up company retained Darlene to provide consulting services related to fund raising, marketing, business-modeling, and web development. She went out of her way to meet at a location most convenient for us and provided several key pieces of useful, professional advice which clearly demonstrated her experience and expertise. I would recommend Darlene to any company in a similar situation.""

Jonathan Mraunac

"Darlene has MUCH to offer small business owners, regardless of whether they are just starting out or have been around for years. She has owned several types of businesses herself and has both broad experience and a unique approach to offer. Moreover, her style is refreshing. She doesn’t waste your time! She zeroes-in on the issues and talks-turkey to help the business owner confront the barriers to greater success. Darlene was a board member for two nonprofit organizations that I served as a consultant. I’ve seen her work in numerous settings and absolutely trust her judgment."

Katheryn Weidman, Ph.D.

"Darlene is an exceptional businesswoman who has tremendous foresight, credentials and experience. Her work, commitment to excellence, and character make her one of my most valued professionals to work with and I always look for ways to get my network in front of her. She is a good friend and colleague and I strongly recommend Darlene to anyone who demands the top level professionals."

Newell Anderson

"Darlene has a remarkable instinct for business strategy of not only knowing WHAT improvements to make, but WHEN and HOW to implement them. In the 20+ years I’ve known her, she has always provided us with useful management advice including accounting methodology, personnel and legal issues, contemporary marketing foresight, even spot-on location suggestions. Darlene is a true professional, honest and straight forward, whose insights have guided us through nearly 25 years of success as a growing national entertainment company."

Mark Seven

"Darlene Ziebell is an experienced and thoughtful consulting professional, as well as a business owner and advisor who knows "the right thing to do" for both clients and employees. She also injects fun into work by always having a positive outlook and using humor to create a relaxed and productive work environment. I will always consider Darlene my colleague and friend."

John Frank

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