Professional Solutions, Inc. (PSI)

In PSI, another major lesson I learned was that launching a services business takes little capital. I was able to build a business using my strengths as a former business owner and newly trained computer programmer. I grew this business by getting large contracts at major corporations headquartered in the Chicagoland area.

During this time, governments were promoting certifications for women business owners. I took advantage of this opportunity and certified with the City of Chicago. This designation led to other subcontracting engagements.

The owner of one consulting firm where I negotiated to subcontract my business, offered to buy Professional Solutions, Inc. He was searching for an experienced leader for his Chicago office. After I performed extensive due diligence watching and asking, we negotiated, and I accepted his offer.

However, after the first year of working for this firm, I learned the owner’s goals had changed and were not in alignment with my long-term plans. I resigned and launched my third business.