Your business is so close to the NEXT LEVEL. . . Now, what do you do? 

Join your fellow successful business owners who work with the expert BUSINESS ADVISOR who gets your business to the NEXT LEVEL in less than one year.  NOW AVAILABLE IN A 2-HOUR ONLINE SESSION THROUGH: 

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In this online webinar, you will learn . . . 

All the SIMPLE BOOTSTRAP tips I use to scale my business to 7 or 8 figures in less than ONE YEAR. 

In this program, you will learn the following 7 TIPS to grow your business:

  1. How does your business focus on one niche?
  2. Which of the three major buying methods does your business follow?
  3. How do your competitors market one specific buying niche?
  4. How large is your target market?
  5. Do you know why your existing customers buy from your business?
  6. Are all of your existing customers profitable? 
  7. How many customers do you need to reach a 7 or 8 figure level in annual sales? 

Starting a Business? 

If you are starting a new business, these tips will help you prepare a business foundation based on RAPID GROWTH. SEARCHING for the best new business model has a greater chance of success.

Expanding an Existing Business? 

If you feel your business plateaued and are searching for methods to jumpstart sales to reach the NEXT LEVEL, this webinar will help you.  Learn how to reach 7 or 8 figures in sales in less than one year. 

Not Sure If You Should Continue? 

If you are at the point where you are not sure if your business should consider, this webinar will help you search for POSSIBLE SOLUTIONS. These techniques will provide you with ideas on where to search for answers. 

Scale-Up Your Business Today 

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Meet Your Host . . . 

Darlene Ziebell, a prominent entrepreneur, author, and business consultant, is excited to host this Masterclass to help others navigate the world of business.  She launched several initiatives to help entrepreneurs prepare for and overcome challenges they may face in managing their own companies.

Her specialty is building business strategies to help get them to the NEXT LEVEL.  A former CEO, Director, Entrepreneur, and Management Consultant, Darlene bases her methods on lessons learned from her own businesses and advising hundreds of consulting clients.  

Together with her private consulting practice, her initiatives include books, webinars, podcasts, and high-level business workshops. In addition to her MBA from Kellogg, School of Management at Northwestern University, her extensive career consists of the practical experience of bootstrapping four startup launches and advising the Fortune 1000.  

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Learn How To Scale-Up Your Business

Learn 7 Bootstrap TIPS to grow your business to the NEXT LEVEL in sales.


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What Others Say . . . 

  • Darlene launched her own BUSINESSES reaching 7 or 8 figure LEVELS
  • Her consulting business sold over $40 MILLION over its life
  • Her businesses are the TOP 3% of WBEs
  • She's a MEMBER of the 9% CLUB of CEOs reaching 7 FIGURES
  • More than 20% of the FORTUNE 1000 are her clients
  • She's been in your shoes!  
  • Join your fellow business owners on this FREE ZOOM SCORE event on June 10, 2021 12PM PDT / 2PM CDT