Million-Dollar Startup Workshop


CHICAGO, IL: Veteran Chicago author, entrepreneur, and business strategy specialist Darlene Ziebell is excited to announce the launch of her new Million-Dollar Business Startup Workshop. This top-tier, intensive business workshop will cater to entrepreneurs and owners of business startups and will provide a roadmap to success, with the primary goal for her students at the end of the program being to reach seven figures of revenue by the end of their second year in business.

Ziebell’s new Million-Dollar Business Startup Workshop is an eight-week workshop which will feature two hours of valuable lessons for her students to review and complete each week, accompanied by a weekly live Q&A session with Ziebell and every course participant to go over issues that are specific and relevant to their businesses and industries. Ziebell stresses that this is a high-level workshop that is geared for people who are very serious about securing their business’s success.

“This is a very intensive course which will serve as a roadmap to ensure my students are successful, with the goal of attaining annual revenue of at least seven figures by the end of their second year in business following completion of the program,” said Ziebell.  “My students will have me as their personal coach, and the course will allow them to accelerate their businesses very quickly in terms of revenue and growth while avoiding common pitfalls that could prevent them from being as successful as they otherwise could be.”

Ziebell’s business startup workshop is a natural advancement, as the course draws from a lifetime of business lessons learned over the course of a successful career as an entrepreneur as well as holding an MBA from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management.

Ziebell’s numerous initiatives to introduce her business coaching practice already include a book, podcast, and giveaway guide encompassing important lessons that new business owners and entrepreneurs should know to prevent them from running into unforeseen problems while running their businesses. 

 “What I really like about the workshop is that students can take much of the course on their own schedule, whether in the morning, afternoon or evening.” noted Ziebell.  “On top of the online portion of the course, there’s a live component throughout every step of the program that will address all of the topics people need to know about to be successful in their businesses, as well as unique issues that are specific to their businesses and industries.”


Only a limited number of students will be allowed in each workshop to ensure every participant receives ample time to discuss all the lessons in detail and ask any questions they may have about any topic or lesson in the workshop. In addition, no participants in competing businesses will be allowed in the same workshop.


The Million-Dollar Business Startup Workshop will greatly expand on topics covered in Ziebell’s recent book, A Dozen Avalanches Threaten Small Business, including crucial subject matter in areas of financial, legal, marketing, accounting, and overall planning. 

To learn more about the Million-Dollar Business Startup Workshop, simply visit the website here:  To receive a free pass to Darlene's 3 Step Startup webinar visit here: Free Webinar Pass

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